Friday, 7 February 2020

Bursa MidS Cap: Why Is It Exciting?

The FTSE Bursa Malaysia MidS Cap Index comprises constituents from the FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS Index with market capitalisation between MYR 200 million and less than MYR 2 billion.  In 2019, the index rose 34.6%, one of the best performing indices on the Bursa Malaysia.

Source:  FTSE Russell (data as at 31 Dec 2019)

As at 31 Dec 2019, there were 136 stocks included in the index.   Total net market cap is RM43,288 million with average of RM318 million.  The top ten constituents contribute about 25% of the index market cap.

In the past, mid and small cap stocks are often not covered by research houses.  In order to boost the awareness of this category of stocks, Bursa Malaysia created a dedicated site for investors. The link is

The site has research reports, charts, financial information, and the most interesting feature is the screening tool.  Investors can go to the screening page using the following link.

One the screener page, investors need to turn on the BURSA MidS (arrow 1).  Then choose the selection criteria (arrow 2).  In this example, P/E of “Below 10” and “5-Yr EPS Growth Up more than 0%” were chosen.  Once the screening criteria were selected, the system will automatically search for MidS cap stocks that met the criteria.  There were 10 stocks meeting the criteria.

By clicking the Show Result arrow, the stocks listed below appeared on the page.  Investors could further process the result by sorting them according to various criteria such as average rating, analysts’ recommendation, dividend yield and etc.  Investors are advised to further study the fundamentals of the stocks before making any investment decision. 

For 2020 market forecast, investors can refer to the following podcast and video by various analysts and investment managers.

This article is only meant for education purposes and not act as a recommendation for any particular stock investment. As such we accept no liability real (or otherwise) for any investment made by an investor.

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